We’re just days away from sharing the brilliant work from our contributors to Issue 14 will all of you! Please check DR online on January 15 for our latest issue.


Thank you to all of you who submitted your prose, poetry, artwork, and photography for consideration for our October issue. We’re in the process of reviewing all submissions and are very excited to share with you the beautiful work that will make up issue 13.

All work submitted from today until December 15 will be considered for inclusion in January’s issue, so please continue to bring us along on your adventures through prose and poetry and to excite, provoke, and make us wish we were a part of the artwork and photography you choose to share. We look forward to reviewing your submissions.


Like poetry and prose, photographs tell stories both for what they contain and for what they omit. Photographers choose their subjects, their angles, the distance from their subjects, and various other elements to create an image that may draw our attention to what is missing, or contain within the photo everything necessary to capture the essence of the moment. Photographs of seemingly mundane things can be made extraordinary when considerations of light, texture, or movement enter the picture. Here is an example of the mundane made extraordinary from Ovations Art Of: Photography.

Art Of: Photography

We at Decades Review love to receive your photography submissions, so keep them coming. Remember that submissions for our October issue are due by September 15.


Hello faithful readers!

Things have been crazy (in a good way) since the release of Issue #9. Submissions have been pouring in so we’ve done nothing but read, read, read for the last couple of weeks. And we love it! There’s still plenty of time to get your submission in for Issue #10 so don’t stress; the deadline isn’t until December 15th.

With that said, the editors here at DR are just dying to be wowed by some awesome art and photography for the January issue. We recognize that creative work is real work, done by passionate people, inspired by all sorts of different things and created in a variety of places. We are not critics but rather genuinely curious observers; looking for what the artist saw and felt while painting the picture or snapping the photograph.

At DR, we want to provide a place to showcase vibrant, but under-represented artists. If your work has been featured in a plethora of magazines world-wide, that’s fantastic! We want to see it too! If you’ve never submitted to a contest or magazine before in your life, we want to draw you out of the shadows and entice you to send your work to us. We’d love to see it.

Our primary focus is on artists (and writers) who are dedicated to their craft. We are looking for people who take risks, work hard and have the guts to say, “Hey, my art is damn good and deserves to have an audience!” Decades Review wants to give you the audience that your work deserves.

By submitting your art/photography to DR not only are you considered to be awarded a featured spot in the magazine, but we also consider each piece as a potential cover image for the upcoming issue. If your work is chosen as the cover, we’ll brag about you on our Facebook page, do an interview and feature it here on the blog, and give our lovely readers the chance to get to know the artist behind the artwork.

Before submitting we recommend you give the guidelines a look. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the guidelines, send your submission to: with your last name and “photography submission” or “art submission” in the subject line. After we’ve carefully considered your piece you should hear back from us within 2-8 weeks.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can email the editors at If you have a specific question for a specific editor, browse the masthead and see who you would like to direct your comment, question or concern to. We love to stay in touch with our readers and (potential) contributors.

If you’re looking for inspiration to submit to Issue #10 we are always looking for black & white photography. In addition to that, for the January Issue, we will also be considering work that centers around the color blue or a winter theme. Let your imagination run wild and surprise us! All work submitted will be considered, regardless of whether it fits one of the above preferences or not.

*We’re still looking to fill poetry, short story, and flash fiction spots for Issue #10 so keep those submissions coming!

Paige Edenfield, Poetry Editor
Decades Review

It’s Throwback Thursday! Below you will find two amazing photographs courtesy of Pat St. Pierre published in Issue Five of Decades Review.

If you’re itching to see some more awesome photography, poetry or prose, click the link and visit the archives! This is also the PERFECT opportunity to get up close and personal with the new site before Issue 9 drops on October 1st. Go ahead and give a solid scroll through and let us know what you think of the makeover!

Hole in the Roof  ©Pat St. Pierre

Hole in the Roof
©Pat St. Pierre


No One is Home  ©Pat St. Pierre

No One is Home
©Pat St. Pierre


One of the best ways to find inspiration is by browsing the work of others. In photography this is especially true. Looking through photography blogs can offer a fresh perspective and give you a ton of new ideas to work with.

Get inspired with some of the best photography blogs on WordPress.

  • Trevor Saylor is a photographer from the Northern Midwest region. Most of his photography takes place around the US and it is evident that Trevor is passionate about capturing the beauty of life in his photographs. Although Trevor has an impressive stable of cameras, some of my favorite shots have been taken with his iPhone.
  • How you view life, will shine through your photography in more ways than one. The woman behind the blog at PhotosbyShew clearly has a passion for life. Each of her photos is a spectacular display of the natural beauty found in everyday life. This zest and enthusiasm never fails to shine through her photography; my day is always brighter when I give this blog a visit.
  • Michael Lypinski photographs the world. His photography is real, candid and alive. Check out his breath-taking work here.
  • Debra Shepherd is a talented photographer in South Africa who photographs an eclectic mix of subjects. Her photography never fails to inspire and offers an up close and fascinating look from her unique view of the world.
  • Eric Erlenbusch is fairly new to the world of photography and informs visitors in his bio that he’s still discovering his style. In my humble opinion, that’s a fact you would never be aware of once you’ve browsed his work. Eric photographs a lot of the fabulous landscape around his current residing place of Park City, Utah and has recently completed a 2 month road trip taking photographs along the west coast. This entire blog is a must see but if you don’t take the time to admire his Oregon photographs, you’re just missing out.

-Paige Edenfield, Decades Review


Photographers are invited to submit their work to Decades Review for a chance to have their artistic visions featured in the upcoming issue.

A great photograph tells a story. But it tells a slightly different story to every person who views it.

We ask that you submit a series or selection of your best work to appear within a collection of remarkable images and words. Subject matter is open but you may review the complete submission guidelines at: Decades Review.

Photographers whose work is selected will be featured both in the magazine and on this blog. Please submit all photography/artwork to:

If you have any questions regarding submissions to the magazine, please email Josh Hess at:

We look forward to viewing your work!