It’s July 1st and issue 12 is hot off the digital press!

Decades Review is proud to offer work from the following contributors in this sizzling issue:

Brian Glaser, Janet Butler, Courie Johnson, Michael Gillaspy, Rose Woodson, James White, Russel Steur, Barrie Evans, Alicia Hoffman, Clyde Kessler, Tom Holmes, Josh Martin, Heather M. Browne, Holly Day, Kevin Acers, Mary Alice Lambert, Brendan Sullivan, Amy Friedman, Anna Lea Jancewicz, Jonathan Coffelt, Clint Inman, Derek Butterton, and T.R. Healy.

Follow the links down the rabbit hole to a special “Letter from the Editors” and an enjoyable reading of one of our finest issues yet by clicking here.  Don’t forget to come back here and tell us about your favorite pieces in the comments below!


*Issue 13 Reminder:

For issue thirteen, set to release in October of this year, we will be accepting themed submissions. This issue’s theme will be halloween. Feel free to send in the freakiest, scariest, and gore-filled submissions possible. Well, maybe not gore-filled. But you get the idea.

Unthemed submissions will also be accepted, as always. 

 Themed submissions can be in any form you wish. We are also looking for many photography and artwork submissions that are Halloween themed.

Send us all of your scary, terrifying, abnormal work. Check the guidelines and attach a bio of yourself along with titles of any piece you send.

Thanks again!
DR Team


Hi readers!

A few of our contributor’s pieces for this issue were not included in the issue, somehow. 
We do greatly apologize for this mishap. Our website host had changed a few things on their site, which caused us to change a few things on our site. 
Long story short — this caused a few of the pieces to be left out.

Please note that this issue is now RESOLVED. If your piece was one of the pieces that had been left out for the first few hours of our issue release, we apologize for this inconvenience. 

We would like to thank all of our contributors, and encourage our readers to view the issue again to receive the full effect.

Thanks so much!
Josh Hess

Spring is on the rise and brand new issue of Decades Review has come with it!
Follow the link for a refreshing new taste of the best prose, poetry, and art the web has to offer: Decades Review Issue 11, Spring 2014 (April).

We would like to thank: Brenda Taulbee, Darren Demaree, Rebecca Wilder (Blount), Kelly Ferry, Stanley Noah, Christina Jones, Holly Painter, Emily Gibson, Seth Jani, Rachel Castro, Briana Cox, Clinton Inman, Cherita Harrel, Elizabeth Sidell, Loren Kantor, Maria Devyakovich, Jaren Watson, Hannah Ray, and Victor Yocco for making this issue possible!

Coming Soon: Interview with Briana Cox!

Happy reading!
Paige Edenfield
Poetry Editor

Hey there faithful DR readers!

We want to know what you would like to see more of in upcoming issues of Decades Review. We’ve got some exciting things in store for you this year but we need you to be a part of it!

If you have a specific suggestion for poetry, short-stories, flash-fiction, photography/art, non-fiction essays, or anything else here’s what we want you to do:

  1. TELL US! Shoot us an email: with the name of whatever category you have a suggestion for and the word “suggestion” in the title line. For example: “Flash-Fiction Suggestion.”

We can’t wait to hear from everyone!

P.S.- We’re accepting submissions for the April Issue (11) until March 15th, 2014!

Paige Edenfield, (Poetry Editor)
Decades Review

Issue 10 has been unleashed! 

Follow the link and check out the latest and greatest from Decades Review: Decades Review Issue 10 (January 2014)

We would like to thank Clinton Inman, Scott Burr, Nilofer Neubert, Victoria Peterson-Hilleque, Michael Gould, Dominique Brigham,Tyler Kline, Liz Purvis, Kevin Acers, and James Blanchard for making this issue possible.

Coming Soon: Interview with the talented author behind our first ever novel excerpt, Scott Burr!

We’re still seeking a Prose Editor to join the team. If you’re interested, query us at:

Well, well – it seems you artists and photographers have become dormant!
For those of you who take photos as a hobby, don’t be shy. Submit them to DR.
I have read countless bios from some of our favorite photographers who, only as a hobby, snap photos. So bring in those submissions! If you’re reading this and it does not apply to you (you don’t take photos, etc.), then do your friends a favor – tell them! Reblog it. Share it. Link Decades Review to all of your social media sites.

If you aren’t sure what we like, check out our most recent issue. Or, check out some of these fantastic photographers that we really enjoy – that we appreciate. We want you to appreciate them, too!

Steve McCurry

Nicola Walbeck

Submit your photography to DR. We will enjoy it. Just like always.

-Josh Hess

Decades Review is actively seeking works of bone-chilling flash fiction & short stories, vibrant poetry, and winter-themed photography and artwork for our January 2014 issue (10). All photography and artwork submitted will be considered for publication (winter themed or not) and the chance to appear as the next cover photo of DR. 

We publish both new and established writers.

We value clarity of image, genuine emotion, character, coherency, compression, and all the right words put in interesting combinations.

For more information, visit our submissions guidelines at:

Please send all submissions to: