Monthly Archives: January 2015

Hi everyone,

Today, our fourteenth issue went live. I know, a little late, right? We apologize for that. But we hope that you will check it out in your spare time.

As most of you have probably noticed on our homepage, Decades Review submissions are temporarily closed. We are not certain when they will be live again, to be honest. Since the start of DR, we’ve been a very short-staffed magazine. At most, we’ve only ever had four people working through submissions, managing the site, as well as the social media. We’ve grown fifteen times larger since issue five, in terms of submissions. It’s been a wild ride that I’ve been very happy to be a part of.

Issue one released October 2011. I started DR as a hobby back then. It quickly grew into something amazing…something that I never expected it to be. Since then, we’ve gained and lost editors and staff members along the way. But, we stayed strong. Today, this will be the last post you see from DR until our submissions open up again. We are taking time off to focus on our personal lives, careers, and other hobbies we enjoy. We hope you understand.

In the meantime, we wish your pieces luck elsewhere. There are a lot of great magazines out there, and we’ll even recommend a few of our favorites!
Front Porch Review:
The Camel Saloon:
Or any publication listed HERE:

Hopefully we will be back at it soon. We appreciate each of our contributors, readers, and all of the support we’ve received in the past.
Thanks everyone,
Josh Hess and all of the DR Staff