Monthly Archives: October 2014

Check out the new collection of poetry by Kevin Acers, a two-time Decades Review contributor, titled Dead Mouse Poems. His new collection is now available at the following online outlets:


Ian Mullins hails from Liverpool, England. His poetry has been widely published in magazines and on the ‘net, and in the online chapbook ‘The Dog Outside the Palace Gates.’ Last year his sister bought him his first camera, for his 52nd birthday. ‘Drag’ is the first photo he submitted to a magazine, and the first to be accepted.

Decades Review Issue 13 is live!

A big thanks to October 2014 contributors Christopher Woods, Hannah Lambert, Clinton Inman,Tim Wilkenson, Chila Woychik, Daniel Davis, Ed Nichols, Brian Ó Faoláin, Andrew Samuelsen, Michael Lee Johnson, A.J. Huffman, Tessa Cheek, Neila Mezynski, Eric Evans, Benjamin DeVos, Carl Scharwath, Perry L. Powell, April Salzano, Michelle Watters, Aaron Wiegert, Sarah Sherman, Aleah Sato, Elizabeth Evenson-Dencklau, David R. Forman, and Damon Ferrel Marbut!

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