©Decades Review

Got lit? Art? Decades Review wants to milk you for everything you’ve got! The editors are busy preparing the next issue of Decades Review due out in time for changing weather, yards full of crunchy leaves, family gatherings and the closing of the year.

We want you to show us something we’ve seen a million times, make it unrecognizable; hijack our attention. We feast on well-rounded characters, drink deeply from sensorial details and devour thought provoking photography and art. Thrill us with your linguistic gymnastics.

We believe in honoring work that speaks out, seeks answers and refuses to sit still for long. We strive to entertain, and mostly share voices as diverse as there are raindrops in a summer storm.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, however, the deadline to appear in the October 2013 issue is September 15, 2013. Send us your best proof-read short stories, flash-fiction, poetry and artwork. We do not prefer a particular style, instead focusing on work in any style that demonstrates originality and attention to craft.

Please read the submission guidelines before sending submissions to Decades Review at: decadesreview@gmail.com


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